Surveying Survature: Some Of The Ways We’re Different From The Rest
Surveying Survature: Some Of The Ways We’re Different From The Rest

We know that there are other survey tools out there in the interactive space. Perhaps you’ve even tried one or two of them out before. Well here at Survature, our founder Jian Huang also tried the various digital survey tools available in today’s marketplace, and he came to the same conclusion; existing survey tools are defective in the way data was being collected and in lack of high value data they deliver. In short, Jian simply didn’t see a survey tool in the marketplace that was doing everything for the consumer that they believed this type of tool should do. So he created Survature.

How is Survature different? Well, there are myriad differentiators that we’ll be discussing here on our blog in the months ahead, and here’s the first of these.

When using a traditional survey, users are asked to measure a static number of individual variables. In reality, a survey such as this offers very little data of value. After all, the only options that users are given are ones pre-selected and ordered by the survey company. With Survature, users have access to a highly intuitive drag-and-drop method that allows them to express their own priorities and interests in the order that best expresses their own priorities. This is a radically different approach to the traditional survey format, and one we’re very excited to be bringing to the market.

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