Bring focus, find confidence, make positive change

  • Better survey
  • Intuitive, real‑time,
    automated analytics
  • Business‑enabled

Survature is a subscription based feedback analytics platform that supports your data‑enabled decision
making cycle. Pricing is based on the number and type of user seats. All subscriptions are
month-to-month and include unlimited use of the platform. Enterprise subscriptions include
one-on-one data science consultation and support.

You have control of the full decision‑making cycle via your dashboard on Our user support is your
feedback data partner. We help you at any stage — architecture, design, analytics, decision support and
anywhere in‑between.

We equip, coach and support
your data enabled business team

  • AnswerCloud
    Survey Experience

    • Captures implicit
      response data
    • Reveal priorities hidden
      behind opinions
    • Proving a long‑standing
      scientific theory
    • Cross‑device ability:
      desktop, tablet, mobile
    • +70% completion rate
  • Coaching and

    • One‑on‑one training
      and support
    • Survaturize your decision
      points and questions
    • Know your team, product,
      and customer‑priorities
    • Understand how to build
      your Action Priorities Grid
    • Learn how to use and
      present analytics
  • Campaign

    • Design for engagement,
      not questionnaires
    • Custom themes that match
      your brand
    • Envision and refine
      use scenarios
    • Build profiles, enable
    • Design for taking
      meaningful actions
  • Campaign

    • Execute and engage for
      better participation
    • Cross platform optimization
    • Integrate and overlay
      existing data for better
    • eMail / Social Media /
      Embedding / Kiosks
    • Programming / logic / panel
  • Priority Discovery

    • Get real‑time priority
      charts and result matrices
    • See and understand biases
    • Discover the hierarchy
      of needs
    • Drive four-quadrant
    • Dynamic crosstab and
      pivot table export

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