Better decisions by
seeing what’s hidden

Capture the psychology
behind the feedback

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Reveal Your Audience's Priorities

Survature is the data partner for decision makers

Our data science platform reveals true priorities of stakeholders
by engaging more people, capturing behavior data,
and providing better analytics. All in real-time.

  • Employee Feedback and HR Surveys
    Team / Employees
  • Market Research Surveys
    Products / Services
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
    Customers / Partners

How We’re Better

Equip, coach and support
your data-enabled business team

Survature makes it easy to create, run and manage a feedback campaign
that will deliver more information and better insight than ever before.

  • Capture User Behavior with the AnswerCloud
    Engaging, effortless data
    collection experience
  • Build Surveys Easily
    Easy-to-use builder for
    creating insightful campaigns
  • Survey Results Analysis and Collaboration Tools
    Impactful analytics that show
    the team the what, why, and how

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