The new way
to find priorities

Survature is a powerful feedback platform that
captures and analyzes respondent’s behavior
and determines what matters most.

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Behavior data is the next big thing

Survature provides a second dimension of behavior‑based insight
that reveals your audience’s true priorities

Why we’re different

Easy to take surveys that are also easy to build and analyze

Survature makes it easy to create, run and manage a feedback campaign
that will deliver more information and better insight than ever before.

  • Unique AnswerCloud interface
    that captures user behavior

  • Easy to use, full-featured
    survey builder

  • Best in class analysis and tools
    that make sharing insight a breeze

Results that reveal priorities and drive decisions

No matter your audience, the Survature platform distinguishes
what matters most to your audience.

  • Customer

  • Market

  • Employee

  • Event

  • Brand

  • Political


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